What is solution selling?

 The term "solution selling" has become a common business term in recent years, but what does it mean?

Solution selling  https://slimtime.co.jp/  is a sales method that is "customer-oriented" rather than "sales-oriented.

In other words, it is a sales method in which you interact with customers to understand their problems and needs, and provide solutions.

It is said that there are three types of sales styles as follows

Solution sales

2. Push sales

Listener sales

If the traditional sales styles are "push sales" and "door-to-door sales," then "solution sales" can be considered a new style of sales.

There are three main reasons why solution selling is attracting attention.

The spread of the Internet environment

2. Information overload

3. Rampant competition

Customers' purchasing styles have been changing in recent years due to the spread of the Internet, and it is becoming more difficult to achieve results with conventional push sales and listening sales.

Solution-based sales is a sales style that matches the times, in which the customer is satisfied and convinced, and in which the customer's problems and latent needs are grasped and solutions are presented.

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